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Rock delivery in the Kissimmee, Florida area.

Rock delivery in Saint Cloud Monday - Saturday. Pickup available every day of the week! Our rock is available bulk or bagged.

Tan River Rock is the most popular decorative rock variety. It has a great balance between price and aesthetics. The size is about 1.5 inches on average.
Our pea gravel comes in two color, when available. There is a tan variety that is a good compliment to the river rock, and a grey color.

If you are looking for red tinted rock, try Lava rock, Seminole chip or even Timberlite, which is a unique red/brown modeled rock.

Drainfield is a pale limestone rock, often used for drainage areas. Crushed concrete can be used for drainage, driveways or decorative areas where a white rock is needed without the luster of marble.

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Rock types for pickup or delivery to Kissimmee

•Tan River Rock•
•Pea Rock•
•Lava Rock•
•Cruched Concrete•
•White Marble•
•Gray Granite•
•And More...•

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